We care about


the environment

Restaurantes responsables RSC PADTHAIWOK

Taking steps towards more sustainable restaurants since 2017

1. padthaiwok made the decision to change the entire packaging of the franchise. Currently the packaging is recycled and recyclable. The main objective became to optimize our packaging with a new, more ecological and environmentally friendly design. 

We also eliminated plastic straws and now the cups are made of kraft cardboard.

  • Noodle and Rice container
  • Soup container
  • Starter container
  • Salad container
  • Napkins
  • Table linen and Kraft bags
  • Chopsticks
  • Paper Stickers 

2. Energy efficiency: We are currently working to make our restaurants more efficient and to keep our carbon impact as low as possible.

3. Elimination of gas: Another significant change has been the change of our cooking tools, mainly from gas to induction woks.

4. The action Solidarity Plate of Action against Hunger. In 2017 we participated in Restaurants Against Hunger, creating a unique and special dish at an exclusive price, 50% of the profits went entirely to Solidarity Restaurants.

Restaurantes contra el hambre

5. Responsible Textile Action: we are changing the design and fabric of the uniforms of the entire franchise for new ones with the Responsible Textile seal.

6. Adaptation of our dishes to celiacs, vegans, vegetarians and halal. Also, all padthaiwok dishes are cooked without adding MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).

7. Commitment to sport. padthaiwok is very committed to sport and we support healthy and active living.